Scholarships that Save Families

We’re a community of families affected by alcohol and drugs, and we fight for families and individuals who are struggling with addiction and cannot afford to pay for treatment.

  • $800 can help a family member recover for a month.
  • We only give scholarships to sober living facilities that have a history of success.
  • All money goes to helping family members get a strong¬†foundation in recovery and counseling.

$800 Scholarships

It only takes $27 a day to get treatment for a person struggling with alcohol or drugs. Learn more about our scholarships.

Sober-Living Homes

When we visit a facility, we ensure that it has a strong foundation of recovery. Learn about our vetting process.

Our Purpose

Our vision is to one day provide scholarships to trusted sober-living facilities to anyone who wants to get sober but doesn’t have the means to do so. Read about our mission.

Empower Someone to Heal and Recover
We have been able to help over 100 people through donations from people like you.
Some of these people have begun to work for other sober living homes and even become house managers.
Want to Donate?