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Founding Story

“As the founder of ToRecovery, I, Vincent Webb, am a very grateful recovered alcoholic and addict.

One of the things that recovered alcoholics and addicts do is morning prayer and meditation. For a long time, I have been asking God what can I do for those that still suffer like I did. I was inspired to provide financial support to those like myself who are undertaking recovery in sober living homes.”

– Vincent Webb


Timothy O’Farrell

Timothy O’Farrell struggled to fit in in high school and began drinking to cope with his low self-esteem. It would be years before he saw a problem with this drinking.

Years later, married with two kids, Timothy had several surgeries where he was introduced to the world of pain medication. Struggling with depression, Timothy began to use alcohol again to ease the pain. When the alcohol was insufficient, he turned to oxycontin, vicodin, dilaudid, ambien, methadone, and more alcohol.

Receiving treatment at a center, Timothy became very active in AA, service, meetings, the fellowship and working the 12 steps, but he was still overcome with depression. Timothy O’Farrell lost his battle with addiction on Feb. 14, 2011. He lives on through those that are empowered through this organization and experiencing recovery at sober living home programs.

Purple Bandana

I have always carried a bandana. I reached for it and gave it to her. This one was purple. She offered to return it. I said, “No, please keep it and let it remind you of three things. First, purple is the color of royalty. And, in my way of thinking, you are the child of a King. Second, purple is the color of bruises. Right now you are hurting. And third, purple is the color of healing. You are going to heal. You are going to recover.” Four years clean from cocaine, the tears began to flow. She was suffering from the trials of living life and these words had blessed her.

A few months later when I ran into her, she thanked me for the bandana and informed me that she had it hung up as a reminder; “I am a special person, I am going to get hurt, and I am going to heal.”

I continue to tell the purple bandana story and have wonderful stories of those who have been blessed by such this simple expression of faith, hope, and expectation.

Recover: While Timothy had a problem with alcohol, he was treated for his abuse of pain medication. Part of what we do here at Timothy O’Farrell Recovery is to support the best sober living homes, treatment centers, and counseling services that care for the entire addiction problem.


Heal: We follow up with those that will allow us in order to check that these people are receiving continuing healing in all the areas they need assistance.


Empower: We want to help those that can’t help themselves, especially financially. Lack of money should not stand in the way of anyone’s recovery.

Any donation you can afford to assist us in helping Alcoholics/Addicts receive the best recovery services is appreciated. No amount is to small and no amount is too large.


Any donation you can afford to assist us in helping Alcoholics/Addicts receive the best recovery services is appreciated. No amount is to small and no amount is too large.


Board Members


Vincent has been in Recovery for many years and has seen the need for a foundation like Timothy O’Farrell Recovery and for the need of 12 Step Sober Living homes.

This is Vincent’s way of helping those that otherwise might never get the chance to recover. Being a part of helping people that can’t seem to find a way out and to recover, is a bright spot in his heart.


Leland Morris is a successful entrepreneur, Regional Sales Manager for Orkin Pest Control’s operations in North Texas and Oklahoma, and an experienced volunteer for non-profits throughout Texas and Georgia.

Currently, Morris is Vice Commodore at DCYC and lives in Oak Point, Texas with Lisa, his wife of 31 years.